Sunday, 27 January 2013

ThinkMusic iPad App

This is what I've been waiting for, for ages. It's finally here.

The ThinkMusic iPad App lets you write with a stylus, record using MIDI controller, or use the on-screen piano to input notes. So, you can write notes in, but then it will transform it into a great looking score. The software also seems capable of letting you input symbols (such as crescendos/diminuendos etc.). Just how far or complicated a score it will let you produce remains to be seen. I still don't know whether this notation app is only suitable for songwriters, or also suitable for contemporary composers who write full orchestral scores and use more complicated extended techniques. Either way this is one step in the right direction for music notation software, and it's about time!

The creators are currently still pledging so if you are feeling generous and would like to back the project, or find out more, please click here.

Disclaimer: (Of course, I am sure there are many other developers out there working on a similar sort of app. This post is not sponsored.)

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