Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Van Cliburn RIP

Very sorry to have heard great legendary pianist Van Cliburn has passed away. He has been an inspiration to all pianists, and will be sorely missed.

Monday, 18 February 2013

The devil vs. the angel in me.

As a composer, I can be really really mean on instruments to acquire a certain sound I want. Well, it's not just me... this is practically applied to most composers I know. I hated Cage for pioneering the prepared piano a few years back. Why and how could he do such a thing to such an amazing instrument? Sticking screws and rubber bits in between the strings... my god. Sure the sounds are interesting but COME ON there's got to be an alternative way to produce these sounds. But the answer I realised a few years later was, no, there was no other way. Not a convenient way anyway. It was clever, it was inspired, and I forgave Cage.

I've currently just started figuring out the beginning of my new orchestral piece, the concept is all hashed out now too. But while writing, the conscious I have for caring for instruments is looming over me like a dark cloud while I plan to make my strings play col legno for at least 3 mins. They are going to hate me, more importantly, their bows will die. I could see the dents and scratches now... I'll be meeting my dear violinist friend very soon and will ask her what she thinks of the idea of hitting wood against metal 180 times. But no matter what she thinks, I'll always have to live this way, with the devil and the angel in me thrashing it out in my brain.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Musical Design of the Week (26)

I've done piano stairs a couple of times, and piano designs in general, but interactive ones can't be missed out in this series. So... here are two videos for you to have a look at!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Musical Design of the Week (25)

Piano Table by Georg Bohle

At first, all you see is a smooth oak table, beautiful in its own right, but it has a hidden gem: lift the lid on the side, and you'll expose a full 88-key electric piano. Doesn't this remind you of those clavichords?
Costs $6000 and is made-to-order... if you have the money...?

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